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IV Interactive is a Google Partner!

April 2015

IV Interactive is a Google Partner!

IV Interactive is proud to announce that we are now a Google Partner! For an online marketing company to reach Google Partner status, it must be trusted to abide by Google’s best practices in techniques like custom ad scheduling, topic targeting, and intelligent keyword management.

Being a Google Partner is exciting for IV Interactive because it provides our clients with a distinct advantage over the competition. We can now gain access to innovative Google beta features that can be used for client accounts for up to one year before the general public! Other exiting opportunities include special access to AdWords promotional offers, training events, industry research, and product updates.

Of particular interest to us as a new Google Partner is Search Companion Marketing. Search Companion Marketing uses the Google Display Network (GDN) to show ads to customers on any search engine – including Google, Bing and Yahoo. These ads are based on search intent, which means Google monitors user activity and then offers up ads based on items the searcher is already interested in. It is a completely new way to target customers, to expand our reach across multiple search engines, and to dramatically increase conversion rates with minimal effort.

Google determines whether or not a company meets its Google Partner qualifications by analyzing several factors, including the completion of employee AdWords certification exams in Advertising Fundamentals, Advanced Search and Advanced Display. All Agency Partners are monitored by Google to ensure consistent split testing on ads and effective use of keywords.

Additionally, Google will check campaign conversion rates and overall client retention to verify that each client is satisfied with the agency’s account management. All of Google’s Partner organizations, including IV Interactive, are required to maintain high quality scores on client accounts in order to remain in good standing.