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Fertility Solutions: a New Website Launch from IV Interactive

August 2015

Fertility Solutions: a New Website Launch from IV Interactive

IV Interactive is proud to announce the launch of the new Fertility Solutions of New England website. The visually beautiful and distinctively modern site is an excellent showcase of mobile-first responsive approach, allowing greater interactivity for its users. It not only has a more aesthetically appealing design, but it has already generated dramatic improvements in performance data in just three short months.

The redesigned website completely changes the user experience and provides Fertility Solutions with a scalable content management system on the backend. The goal was to implement a forward thinking design approach that would sharply increase conversions, while also improving overall traffic and reducing bounce rates. Some of our strategies included:

  • Using responsive design so the new site is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Incorporating HTML5 videos on the homepage to help improve interactivity and reduce bounce rates
  • Creating a more intuitive navigation experience to translate equally well across all desktop and mobile devices
  • Creating clearer calls to action, and strategizing appropriate placement, to help increase user conversions

Since launching on April 29, Fertility Solutions has experienced a more than 150 percent increase in conversion rates. In fact, the new mobile-responsive design has nearly quadrupled the conversion rates of mobile users. Bounce rates are also down, overall website traffic is up, and the time visitors are spending on the website has also increased.

IV Interactive is proud to have worked with Fertility Solutions on redesigning their website and is very excited about its initial performance. “We are fortunate to have IV Interactive manage our website. Our initial website launch five years ago was very well received. With the launch of our beautifully updated site, we feel that we are now maximizing our ability to reach a larger client base using more advanced web design techniques to keep up with a rapidly changing environment”, says Dr. Carol Anania, Founder and Partner at Fertility Solutions.

Fertility Solutions of New England offers a full spectrum of affordable infertility diagnosis and treatment plans including IVF, IUI, egg freezing/fertility preservation, tubal reversal, and more. They have six locations throughout the New England area and are led by an all-female team of the region’s leading fertility specialists.