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Donor Concierge Launches Enhanced Website to Help More People Find Egg Donors and Surrogates

March 2016

Donor Concierge Launches Enhanced Website to Help More People Find Egg Donors and Surrogates

Donor Concierge is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned website, http://www.donorconcierge.com for intended parents searching for an egg donor and/or surrogate to complete their family.

The site continues to provide a wealth of information about finding an egg donor, gestational carrier or sperm donor, with a number of new features. Intended parents can quickly schedule a consultation with Gail Sexton Anderson, an industry leader in third party fertility and founder of Donor Concierge.

“Working in this industry for twenty years, I’ve seen a lot of changes,” says Gail Sexton Anderson. “What doesn’t change is the need for intended parents to have an advocate in finding egg donors and surrogates, and support them throughout their journey to parenthood. Our new site is an extension of our deeper overall marketing plan – to help more people have more babies.”

The company continues a trend of increased growth, with clients from all over the world engaging its services to secure an egg donor and surrogate. Key features include a direct consultation request button, informational videos, articles on industry leaders and regular blog posts about egg donation and surrogacy.

Says Anderson, “We’re uniquely placed in the fertility industry in that we are not an agency. We are a search service, but we also play a huge role in advocating for our clients as they try to find someone to fill that genetic role in their family.”

Anderson and her team work with over 100 egg donor and surrogacy agencies, as well as fertility clinics, sperm banks, family law attorneys, mental health professionals and genetic counselors. The company’s increased growth over the past 5 years is a direct result of customer satisfaction and successful match rates of almost 90 percent.

“Donor Concierge has an unmatched record of success, helping countless intended parents find their ideal egg donor or surrogate. The new site design highlights the organization’s key benefits of advocacy, choice, efficiency and expertise, and will provide greater reach and accessibility to a rapidly growing international client-base,” added Dov Radzik, CEO of IV Interactive, the healthcare marketing agency responsible for the launch.