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IV Interactive CEO, Dov Radzik, Featured in Retina Times Article about Retina Practice Marketing

January 2021

IV Interactive CEO, Dov Radzik, Featured in Retina Times Article about Retina Practice Marketing

Dov Radzik, founder and CEO of IV Interactive, was recently featured in the Winter 2020 issue of Retina Times, the official journal of the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS). In an article called, “Marketing Your Practice in the COVID-19 Era,” he shared key insights into how retina practices can successfully market themselves now, during the pandemic and in the future.

In the article, Dov discussed some of the most vital digital marketing strategies for retina practices to draw in new patients and connect with referring providers. The topics ranged from understanding online search behavior to strategies for reaching different audiences.

One of the points Dov highlighted was the importance of understanding patient behavior and online search habits. “Prospective patients behave differently than someone who might be persuaded to buy a new pair of shoes,” he said. “In health care, your prospects typically have an immediate and time-sensitive need… (patients) will typically jump right into a search on Google or another search engine.”

As such, “Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are critical to a health care practice’s digital marketing strategy.” Dov further explained that “all forms of digital marketing can be effective when correct targeting and tactics are applied.”

He also touched on the importance of using digital marketing to establish your practice as an authoritative expert online. “An effective digital footprint will send trust signals to patients and referring providers,” Dov said.

Retina Practice Growth: Direct-to-Patient Digital Marketing

Dov also discussed how digital marketing can open up new areas of opportunity and growth for retina practices. Although retina practices typically receive patients through physician referrals, digital marketing has the potential to connect with patients directly. “We have found that specialty practices tend to underestimate the number of patients who self-refer to retina specialists,” Dov pointed out.

“In some cases, patients (or caregivers) will self-diagnose using advice from friends, Google searches, or other internet resources. Even when their original doctor gives them the name of a specialist they like, patients will search for themselves to determine the top specialist in their area.”

Marketing to Referring Providers

Dov also offered insights on how retina practices can formulate effective marketing strategies that target referring providers, who, as an audience, operate much differently from patients. “Referring providers are more difficult to target, as there are fewer of them than patients. As practice managers know, they are also extremely busy and hard to pin down. These campaigns will be smaller in reach,” explained Dov.

“Once you have reached a referring provider, make sure you can reach them again and again. After you have identified a way to reach them, retargeting (ads that follow you around as you continue to browse online), and email marketing are vital tools for success.”

Digital Marketing During COVID-19

As for digital marketing during the time of COVID-19 specifically, Dov’s primary advice is straight-forward: “First and foremost, make sure that patients understand you are open and seeing patients. With an older population, make sure your patients understand that their health and safety are a priority. If you offer telemedicine or other ways to make the process more convenient, highlight that prominently in advertisements and on your website.”

Why Consider a Digital Marketing Agency?

While some marketing activities can be done in-house, working with an experienced interactive marketing agency that specializes in retina practices can take your digital marketing strategies to the next level. Not only will an agency lay down the groundwork for any marketing strategy, but they will also intelligently predict how fluctuations may impact your strategy and adapt accordingly.

“A good agency will understand when ads, campaigns, or content need attention,” said Dov. “Market conditions, competitive behavior, and even the occasional pandemic(!) can impact the need to update your content and/or marketing tactics.”

While these tips are a great starting point for any retina practice, they represent only the tip of the digital marketing iceberg. To learn more about harnessing the power of digital marketing to grow your retina practice, contact IV Interactive today.